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Kleinkopje Colliery, South Africa



A planned coal-fired power station that is to be fueled with discard coal from nearby mineral residue deposits (MRDs). The power station will comprise 2 x 150 MW power generation units, and is to be operated as an independent power producer (IPP).

The plant will feed the power station via an approximately 3.06 km overland conveyor system.


  • Sizing of an ADT fleet required for mine haulage to plant.

  • Sizing of a road-truck fleet required for bulk transport from external source to plant.

  • Plant capacity evaluation.

  • Optimisation of silo capacities and placement.

  • Validation of plant conveyor system design.


Asanko Gold Mine, Ghana

Asanko Gold


simulation study undertaken for DRA Mineral Projects (DRA) to help understand the equipment and system requirements at Asanko Gold’s mining operation in Ghana. The mine is currently undertaking a definitive feasibility study on an expansion project, which is set to conclude before Q2 2016, which is looking to integrate new operations in the North with the previously established brown field operations in the South.


After its completion, the Phase 1 Obotan project will comprise an open pit mining operation, integrating the Nkran pit with four other nearby pits in the South, and a 3 Mtpa CIL processing plant. This Phase is expected to produce an average 0.19 Moz gold per annum. The Phase 2 expansion will integrate the northern Esaase deposit with the Phase 1 Obotan project, enabling an average production of 0.41 Moz gold per annum over an estimated 10.5 year LoM. Ore taken from the Esaase deposit will be mined and crushed at the pit and conveyed approximately 25 km to the central processing facility at Obotan, providing both CIL and flotation facilities. The plant’s CIL capacity of 3.0 Mtpa is to be upgraded to 3.8 Mtpa, which will enable blending of oxide ores taken from Esaase with those from the Obotan pits. The 5 Mtpa flotation capacity will be developed alongside the CIL plant to cater for the bulk of the Esaase volumes. A pictorial summary of the mining and plant operations location is given below.


  • Validation of overland conveyor design capacity.

  • Sizing of transfer stockpiles.

  • Evaluate OLC feed grade batching practice.

  • Determine primary crusher throughput requirements.

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